Connections with the Community

The family and community are the first most important educators in a child's life. At Inaburra Preschool we believe in the importance of building  trusting and respectful relationships with those people that are important in the lives of the children.

'Educators who are culturally competent respect multiple ways of knowing, seeing and living, celebrate the benefits of diversity and have an ability to understand and honour differences.' Early Years Learning Framework, page 16. 

The children of Inaburra Preschool  participate in excursions each month to Warena Gardens to interact and play with the residents.

Over time we have seen beautiful inter-generational friendships be created and extended through joint play and conversation.

It has been wonderful to hear about the lives of our Warena friends, many are nurses, engineers, navy officers or seamstresses. Each time the children are planning their next visit we consider the jobs and skills that the Warena residents have and take toys and experiences that we all can remember from childhood and love to play. Favourite experiences to do together include drawing, jigsaw puzzles, the wooden train track, blocks and reading.

3 Bridges Community

Over time the collaboration we have with 3 Bridges Community is helping Inaburra Preschool to build confidence and connection with the local community.

Experiences such as hearing stories of traditional culture from Dharawal speaking Elders, planting a community bush tucker garden and gaining valuable insight into the life of the local community will help staff, children and families learn to respect and care for our environment and each other.

Preschool in Rewanda

We have a wonderful connection with Fruits of Hope School in Rwanda.

Sue, one of our support teachers has been talking with the children about the differences between preschool in Rwanda and preschool in Australia., They keep in touch with the children at Fruits of Hope through email and the sending of drawings and letters.

What a wonderful opportunity for children in Australia to see and connect with children on the other side of the world. This will help them develop a broader world view of love and respect for other people.


The Fathering Project

Inaburra Preschool is a proud supporter of The Fathering Project. We take an active role in encouraging family members to attend Sutherland Shire wide Fathering Project events and organise specific events for the families of Inaburra Preschool families.

Past events include self defence lessons in the park, picnics and bbq breakfasts.

The Fathering Project aims to;

  • Help fathers realise how important they are in a child’s life and to give them advice on how to encourage their children. ◾Encourage fathers to become proactive and get involved early with their children.
  • Help fathers and father figures get connected in positive ways. ◾Reach fathers in their situation: schools, workplaces, community groups.
  • Utilise research-based evidence to encourage positive changes in fathers.
  • Highlight the strong causal link between good fathering and the reduced incidence of harmful behaviours such as suicide, self-harm and substance abuse.

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