Fees and Waiting List

Waiting List

To register your child on the waiting list for Inaburra Preschool, you will need to complete an application form. This form can be downloaded by clicking this link (PDF) and is also available from the Preschool office. Completed forms should be returned to the preschool and accompanied by a non-refundable $20 administration fee. Upon offer of placement, you will also need to provide a passport or birth certificate as proof of identity and age of your child.


The fees are set by the Preschool Board with the aim of maintaining a high standard of staffing and resources, while keeping fees as low as possible.

The fees for 2018 are $47.50 per day for children who turn 4 or 5 before July 31st 2018.

The fees for 2018 are $63.00 per day for children who have not turned 4 before July 31st 2018.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Many preschools provide what is known as ‘Registered care’. To receive the CCB for registered care, the parents must satisfy the work, training, study test for that payment. Details of this test can be found on 'Payments for families' website. 

Families using registered care are entitled to the minimum rate of Child Care Benefit for a maximum of 50 hours of care per child per week, but are not entitled to the Child Care Tax Rebate.

The current rate (for the 2017/18 financial year) of Child Care Benefit for a non-school child using registered care is $0.708 per hour up to $35.40 per week for 50 hours. Families using a preschool for 15 hours per week would receive Child Care Benefit of $10.62 per week. Parents are required to take preschool receipts to the Family Assistance Office to make a claim.To qualify for Child Care Benefit for registered care, you do not have to meet an income or assets test.

Payments for registered care are made as a lump sum. You need to provide all original receipts for the periods you are claiming, and you must lodge your claim within a year of the care being provided to the Department of Human Services.

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

As Inaburra Preschool is a Registered child care service, parents are not entitled to claim the Child Care Rebate.