We acknowledge and celebrate each child, family and educator as unique and valued.

We appreciate the abilities of every person and respect the diversity, values and strengths of

an individual and families.

We aim to empower children, families and educators to build confidence and identity through

trusting relationships.

We believe our preschool atmosphere is safe and inclusive, where all people experience a sense of

belonging and connection. We value nurturing, compassionate and encouraging interactions.

We consider play as fundamental for children to make meaning of their world. Using the Early Years

Learning Framework to guide the educational program, children are encouraged to explore experiment

and investigate through play.

Our learning environment is one that engages and challenges children, promoting competence,

decision-making and a love of learning.

We believe in the importance of family and community as active participants in each child’s preparation

for school transition and life.

We are committed to a process of frequent review and improvement to ensure the provision of a

high quality service. All educators are committed to continual professional development to maintain

our rating which exceeds the National Quality Standards.

We believe that each person’s individuality comes from God. As a Christian service we seek to

encourage each child to flourish throughout their life.