Our families

At Inaburra Preschool we strive to develop a sense of community between the children, educators, parents and the local community. We want our preschool to be a place where families feel welcome and supported. Our preschool also benefits from your input and support.


Come and play! We always welcome any person who is important to your child and your family at preschool. There are special events throughout the year, however we love to have people read books, paint, garden, play and just ‘be’ at preschool at any time.

Share your skills! We have been very grateful for the expertise of many families who shared their work life with us; robotics engineers, interior designers, chefs, artists, IT consultants, plumbers and strategic planners to name a few. The children love to introduce their family to their friends and meet each other’s family.

We are an active preschool in The Fathering Project. This is a project which supports families in their role as primary carers of young children. With regular events focussed on building confidence and skills in parenting young children, there are many opportunities to meet other Dad’s, Mum’s, Grandparents and important people in children’s lives.

Parent evenings – Throughout the year we organise evenings for families to come and spend time with other preschool families and staff. There are opportunities to learn about the preschool curriculum, socialise with other families, meet specialists from the local community and talk informally with staff.

Parent Representatives on the Board – Each year at our AGM we elect two parent representatives to join the board. This is a way you can contribute your own skills and ideas to decision making at preschool. Board meetings are generally held once a term on a Monday night.

Excursions – We love to have other adults come with us when we leave the preschool on an excursion. We encourage talking and learning as we walk, to do this we like to have as many willing participants as possible.

We always value contributions or voluntary work so please let us know if you would like to help or if you have any suggestions.  

What Kate and Paul think...

I currently have 2 of my children attending Inaburra Preschool.  Olivia has been there for 2 years and will next year be attending school.  The staff have helped her enormously over the past 2 years grow, be confident and help her in her journey of school readiness and beyond.  As we have just finished her Kinderstart program, I was able to sit in workshops confident the teachers have helped my daughter be ready for school to the best of her ability.  Olivia was particularly anxious starting preschool last year and I always left preschool in the morning knowing she was being well looked after in a loving & nurturing environment and often in Jacqui’s arms and by the time I picked her up, she was always extremely happy and telling lots of stories.  My Son Logan will remain at preschool next year also and I look forward to seeing him grow with his caring teachers Wendy and Naomi.  Inaburra Preschool Staff are like my extended family, they are extremely caring, welcoming and approachable.  Both my children love their teachers and friend and love attending preschool.