Our Curriculum

Our program includes indoor and outdoor play, small and large group experiences.

We provide learning environments where the children can investigate materials and equipment at their own pace and level. We provide a large variety of materials and resources that assist the children’s learning through play.

Experiences provided include art, craft, blocks, construction, books, puzzles, sensory experiences, sand play, water play, science and math’s exploration, imaginative play and role play.

Outdoors there are opportunities for children to climb, balance, run, develop ball skills, develop eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination, investigate the natural environment and resources and include those in their play, for example caring for the garden and animals and growing vegetables.

Group experiences include language discussions, music, movement and stories. The curriculum areas covered are varied and “emerge” from the children’s own explorations, interests and strengths.

Each week we document the children's learning and record this through individual learning stories and weekly reflection books. These are available for all parents to read and we encourage parents to read these books so they can see what the children have been learning at preschool.

Each child has an individual portfolio. These portfolios reflect the children’s investigations, contain work samples and anecdotal records of play experiences and conversations.

After lunch we may have a quiet relaxation time but we do not have a set rest or sleep time at preschool. Not many children still require a rest every day. If you would like your child to have a sleep we can cater for them. Please tell a staff member in the morning and we will get a bed out for them to rest on during our afternoon quiet activities