Meet the Inaburra Preschool Team

Christine Tsang - Director

It has been a delight to work in the early childhood profession for over 25 years. Graduating with a Diploma of Teaching (ECE) from Macquarie University I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of children’s services; Long Day Care, Community-based Preschool and Out of School Hours Care. Having achieved a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing, I have also spent 13 years working in the professional development and training sector. In the role of Director at Inaburra Preschool I am proud of the professional and loving way in which all staff at the preschool performs the job of providing high quality education for families in the Sutherland Shire. Being assessed as ‘exceeding’ the National Quality Standards by the Department of Education and Communities is a sign of the commitment, knowledge and passion which every staff member brings to their role. I believe strongly in the Christian based philosophy of Inaburra Preschool. It is the strong foundation for decision making; the values of respect for individuals, collaboration with families and the community, inclusion of all children and building of identity through trusting relationships that underpins all we do at Inaburra Preschool to give children skills to flourish throughout their life.

Jackie-Early Childhood Teacher

I have had the privilege of being a permanent part of the Inaburra family since 2015 and I am also currently in the role of Educational Leader. I completed my Bachelor of Education (The Early Years) in 2014. During the course of my degree I was part of a mentoring program at Inaburra Preschool where I was able to gain weekly practical experience from its fantastic educators. I also attended the preschool as a child.

I believe in play based learning and creating fun, exciting and beautiful learning environments. I enjoy developing learning experiences that are different, interactive and encourage children to use a variety of different thinking strategies. I feel that the most important job for early childhood educators is to create a solid foundation for a child’s life of learning by instilling in children; imagination, curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning. 

Jodie-Early Childhood Teacher

I completed my Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) in 1990 when I commenced teaching full-time in a work-based Long Day Care centre. I continued studying part-time and completed my Bachelor of Education in 1993.

I have worked in a variety of services and capacities ranging from teaching in various Long Day Care Centres, Directing in Campus Based Care, lecturing, tutoring and assessing within TAFE and Universities.

Having spent many years working from home with my 4 children, I was thrilled to return to work at Inaburra Preschool in 2015. I currently teach 2 days per week. I love connecting with the children and their families and strive to provide a wide range of rich, learning experiences that encourage and challenge each child to grow and develop to be their ‘best’ self. My primary focus is to nurture and empower each child whilst creating a disposition for life-long learning. I am thankful for the opportunity to work at Inaburra and the privilege of working with an amazing team of staff who share a common philosophy and passion.

Sue-Early Childhood Teacher

I have been a staff member of Inaburra Preschool since 2005.

My various roles throughout the years have always centred on Early Intervention & the support of children with Additional Needs.

My passion for those that experience extra challenges in life is what spurs me on to gain further understanding of how best I can make a difference – even the tiniest one!

I have studied part-time, mostly by distance over a number of years, to gain my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Early Intervention.

I believe very much in the value of lifelong learning & it’s continuity from youngest to oldest members of our community.

My personal values are based on the example of Jesus – He cares about the world, but He also cares about “the one” – each individual, uniquely created with dreams, goals, gifts and abilities, which I have the privilege to nurture as an Early Childhood Educator.

As a staff member of a Christian Preschool, I have the opportunity & daily challenge to “walk the talk”-  to be one small  example of what God’s Love is. My heart’s desire  is that I will  reflect this in practical, caring ways, through meaningful daily interactions with children and their families.

Kristi - Early Childhood Teacher

I graduated from Macquarie University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). I have gained experience working in various Early Education Centres, including centres operated by Macquarie University Union, TAFE, and local council. I spent several years at home with my own children, before returning to teaching in 2012 as a casual teacher at Inaburra Preschool. I have found that Inaburra Preschool is a place that truly values the individual child. It is a caring, supportive environment with a professional and dedicated team of educators.

I strongly believe in working in partnership with families to achieve the best outcomes for their child. I aim to create an engaging learning environment in which every child feels that they belong. I understand that when children are comfortable in their environment and have secure relationships with educators, they are more likely to have the confidence to follow their interests, ask questions, create, experiment and investigate. I share the Preschool’s Christian values and hope that as educators we can foster children’s empathy and respect for others – learning to “Love one another”.

Wendy-Early Childhood Teacher

I am a 4 year trained Early Childhood Teacher with a Bachelor of Education (ECT).


I have worked in a Long Day Care Centre and a number of Preschools in the role of Teacher as well as almost two years as Director/ Teacher. I had a number of years away from teaching while my children were young and during this time I also worked for Macquarie University supervising Practicum placement students.


In 2007 I started working at Inaburra preschool in a part-time teaching position. I see preschool as a vital stage in a child’s educational journey and I value the play based approach that we take at Inaburra with the aim to instil a love of learning in all children as we nurture and care for them. I enjoy working in a church based preschool where we can teach from a Christian perspective and share our love of God with others.



Naomi - Educator

My love of early childhood education was sparked while I was a parent helper at the preschool both of my daughters attended, which lead me to enrolling at Loftus TAFE and acquiring my Certificate 3 in Children’s Services in 2012. I became part of the team at Inaburra preschool as a casual staff member the same year which has since lead into a permanent part time role. I love how each day in this job is different, with new challenges and fun experiences. I strongly believe in play-based learning and providing a safe and nurturing environment in which children and their families feel respected and valued.

Amanda - Educator

I have had the privilege of being part of the Inaburra Preschool team since 2016. I have been working in the childcare industry since 2000 when I started as a trainee and then went on to complete my Diploma in Children’s Service in 2004. I am committed to providing families with a loving, fun and developmentally sound learning experience. I love seeing children make new discoveries through their play experiences everyday. To see their eyes light up and the joy on their faces as they learn about the world around them, brings delight to my heart.

Karyn - Educator

Certificate III


Having an earlier career as a Global Expatriate Tax Consultant with Ernst & Young, a change to Early Childhood Education came about after having my own children and relishing the role of mother.  I have enjoyed being part of the Inaburra family for 9 years in various Educator and Inclusion Support roles.  I receive much joy in working in partnership with families valuing the fundamental needs of children - love, security and a sense of belonging.  I believe play is a child’s most important work where they begin to learn valuable lifelong lessons. Creating a loving, exciting and inclusive environment allows children to grow and thrive while exploring the world around them.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travelling, sport, teaching SRE in schools and my role as a ‘Dogs As Therapy’ team taking my gorgeous black Labrador, Willara, to visit residents in Aged Care facilities.

Eileen - Educator

I am married with 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 25 years with 9 of those at Inaburra Preschool.

I have a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and am currently working towards gaining my Diploma. I am passionate about the care and education of children and am privileged to incorporate my love of Jesus into my workplace. I’m here to impact the lives of children, equip them to be resilient and to help them grow into amazing humans.  

Cherie  - Educator

Preschool is often the first step into the world for children, away from their home. I love that I am fortunate enough to be the one that builds relationships with children and their families within a safe and nurturing environment to assist with that initial stage of independence, learning and growth. At Inaburra, I am surrounded by a group of dedicated Educators that are passionate about their work within a workplace setting that is beautiful and engaging.

I believe children learn best when they experience warm, responsive engagement that is sensitive to their perspectives and rich in language experiences.  

Angela - Educator

I have been an early childhood educator for the past 27 years and in this time, I have had the opportunity to work with babies, toddlers and 3 to 5-year old children. I have loved the opportunity to observe children explore and grow through creating a loving, warm and exciting environment that feels safe for children to be themselves and learn at their own pace. I enjoy having the opportunity to walk alongside the children and their families, supporting them in their questions, concerns and their learning about life and the community around them.

Kasey - Educator

I moved to Australia from China in 2010 and started a new chapter in my life with the arrival of my own children. I changed my career from a university classical music history teacher to be an Early Childhood Educator.

I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University. I find that studying this degree while working at Inaburra Preschool has helped me to gain more knowledge about children's development while I gain experience from working with the staff, families and children.

I am fortunate to take on the role as one of Inaburra Preschool family members. I truly believe every single child is a reward and gift from God. Watching children grow up, caring them and taking part in their learning is my real passion.


My love of dancing and the opportunity to be a student teacher, helping little kids who love dancing too, helped in making the decision to work in early childhood. I studied a Tvet course in Early Childhood at Loftus TAFE during years 11 and 12 at high school and loved learning about children and their development.

I am now at Inaburra Preschool on a traineeship gaining further experience working with children and continuing at TAFE to complete the final units of my Certificate 3 in Children's Services.

I love being part of the Inaburra Preschool family as it gives me the opportunity to watch and assist in helping the children to grow and learn in a fun, happy and warm environment.

Sue - Office Administrator

I have a workplace background in office administration, banking and payroll. After working for over 15 years in both Corporate and Retail business environments, I feel like I have finally found my dream role as Office Administrator at Inaburra Preschool.

It is a joy working in a wonderful team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who strive to make each day special and enjoyable for all the children.